Are you a family business, nonprofit, or team leader?

Are you a family business, nonprofit, or team leader?

Let’s build your winning game plan together!


I listen to your needs. We develop team relationships to work together, meeting your expectations for your growing organization.


You lead the design that you envision for the future. We develop a GAME plan for goals, accountability, measurement, and execution.


Implementation of ideas and design takes time and effort. With the GAME plan in place, we build the framework that sustains transformation.

Happy Clients: Our #1 Priority

When leaders have a vision of the future, they need others who can come alongside to implement that idea. Designing the framework for sustaining an organization over time is essential for building teams.


Dr. Tim Figley is an accomplished organizational strategist, sports broadcaster, researcher, author, and keynote speaker with a diverse range of expertise. With over a decade of experience, Dr. Figley has been instrumental in facilitating strategic plans, family business transitions, and team retreats for numerous industry-leading nonprofits, family-owned businesses, and for-profit organizations.

Known for his unique blend of compassion, humor, and transformational insight, Dr. Figley has made a lasting impact on individuals and organizations alike through his engaging business and personal development presentations. His ability to connect with audiences has earned him a reputation as a sought-after speaker and consultant.

Our Services

Strategic Planning

From defining your core strategy to crafting a compelling mission, vision, and values, I guide you through the...

Change Initiatives

Recognizing that some organizational goals require more than a strategic plan, I specialize in change initiatives...

Collaborative Meeting Facilitation

Unlock the power of collective intelligence and ensure productive, inclusive, and result-oriented meetings...

Team Development

Enhance your team’s cohesiveness and performance through targeted interventions tailored to your...


Resolve conflicts and foster harmonious working relationships within your organization. With my mediation...

Organizational Assessment

Gain valuable insights into your organization’s strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement...

Our Services

Unleashing Organizational Alignment

Today’s organizations face a significant challenge: ensuring that their strategy is not only communicated but also understood and applied effectively. However, data reveals a troubling reality. According to studies, many employees lack clarity regarding the connection between their tasks and organizational goals. Many employees struggle to identify their company’s strategy, and almost half of all middle managers can’t name the organization’s top priorities. This predicament resembles a college marching band where students are unsure of the tune to play or the direction to move. Without clear guidance, their actions fall short of the band director’s vision. Similarly, organizations must address the strategic disconnect to achieve their intended outcomes.

Strategic Plan Facilitation: Creating Results

According to the book “Value Creation, A Definitive Guide for Business Leaders,” companies that prioritize creating value for employees, customers, and partners and become “Firms of Endearment” achieve remarkable success. These firms, focusing on customers and fostering employee and partner loyalty, have achieved a 128% return over five years, surpassing the S&P return of 13%. Strategic plan facilitation fosters stakeholder buy-in and provides clarity on the current state, desired destination, and the path to get there.

Our Approach: Simplicity, Robustness, and Scalability

The Alignment Lab strategic planning system is designed to benefit organizations of all sizes, including large corporations, small businesses, non-profit organizations, Chambers of Commerce, and Churches. With its simple yet comprehensive approach, our system is fully scalable to align with your organization’s structure and size. By following our organized, three-phased approach, strategic planning becomes a manageable and rewarding process.

Create Value, Prosper: Simple Strategic Planning

The three essentials to unlock value: The Game Plan – A concise strategic plan that fits on a poster, defining who you are, what you do, why you do it, and how it will be achieved. The People – A committed leadership team aligned with the plan, overcoming silent sabotage and ensuring execution. The Scoreboard – A strategic scoreboard for measuring success, creating accountability, adjusting efforts, and executing the plan without fourth-quarter failure.With professional facilitation and proven strategic planning, we ensure your time and energy invested in building a plan yields tangible results. No more wasted plans. Our facilitation process empowers you to execute your strategic plan effectively, whether it’s your first or a redefinition.Experience the power of The Alignment Lab Facilitation Process to set your organization up for prosperity.

The Facilitator’s Role in Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is crucial, and relying solely on participants to lead can be challenging. To ensure success, professional facilitation is essential. With expert guidance, the facilitator empowers the group to commit as a unified team throughout the process.

Delivering Your Strategy: Key Components

The Alignment Lab Facilitated Strategic Planning System ensures the successful implementation of your plan with four essential deliverables:Situational Assessment: Evaluating your current situation. Strategic Game Plan Poster: A concise summary of your plan. Scoreboards: Action Plans, Scoreboard, People for implementation. Strategic Plan: Detailed report outlining your organization’s strategy. Our system is scalable and caters to the strategic development needs of various entities, from Fortune 500 companies to non-profits and government agencies. With a built-in ownership cadence, it becomes your ultimate strategic plan.

Experience Transformation Built Just for You

What We Do

I facilitate teams that build bridges of alignment for leaders to create #teamswork. Contact me through LinkedIn for a complimentary visit in person, on Zoom, or by calling. 

Essential Design

When vision becomes reality, teams flourish. When leaders inspire others, there is an overflow that builds a healthy culture.  Building your vision with a strong foundation for future generations is our goal to create a sustainable culture. 

Unique Builds and Always High quality

Organizational transformation and follow through make the difference. Additional coaching helps the leaders perform at their next level.

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