Dr. Tim Figley is an accomplished organizational strategist, sports broadcaster, researcher, author, and keynote speaker with a diverse range of expertise. With over a decade of experience, Dr. Figley has been instrumental in facilitating strategic plans, family business transitions, and team retreats for numerous industry-leading nonprofits, family-owned businesses, and for-profit organizations.

Known for his unique blend of compassion, humor, and transformational insight, Dr. Figley has made a lasting impact on individuals and organizations alike through his engaging business and personal development presentations. His ability to connect with audiences has earned him a reputation as a sought-after speaker and consultant.

In his consulting role, Dr. Figley has spearheaded various successful initiatives. Notably, he facilitated team development for the Human Resource team at the world’s largest pallet supply company, implemented a coaching program for the winner of the National Association of Manufacturer’s 2020 small business of the year, and led a culture-shaping initiative for Ohio’s top-ranked community bank.

Dr. Figley’s contributions extend beyond his consulting work. As a dedicated researcher, he holds an MBA and a Doctorate in Transformational Leadership from Bakke Graduate University. His doctoral dissertation focused on overcoming unresolved conflict in family businesses, demonstrating his commitment to addressing real-world challenges faced by organizations and families. Furthermore, Dr. Figley is a published author and co-authored the widely acclaimed book and training program, the Industrial Athlete Operating System. This accomplishment showcases his expertise in providing practical solutions and guidance to enhance organizational performance. Driven by a passion for continuous growth and learning,

Dr. Figley holds numerous certifications and accreditations in coaching and training from reputable worldwide organizations, including Marshall Goldsmith and Patrick Lencioni. His expertise spans strategic planning facilitation, mediation, team development, and executive coaching. Outside of his professional endeavors,

Dr. Figley actively engages in charitable work, particularly in global missions in Africa. He values spending quality time with his two children, Zion and Miriam, and enjoys activities such as bike riding, whitewater rafting, cooking, and traveling. His love for sports has provided him with unforgettable experiences at prestigious events such as the Super Bowl, The Masters, World Series, and All-Star Games, which he cherishes with his family and friends.

With his extensive background, diverse skill set, and proven track record of success, Dr. Tim Figley continues to make a significant impact as a respected organizational strategist, sports broadcaster, researcher, author, and keynote speaker. His unwavering dedication to helping individuals and organizations thrive has positioned him as a trusted expert in his field.

Welcome to Faith Through the Fog by Fran Figley

About the Book

Faith Through the Fog is not merely a memoir; it’s a profound journey through the depths of grief and the peaks of triumph. Before East Palestine became known for its tragic derailment and chemical disaster, Fran Figley, a seasoned construction businessman, faced unimaginable adversities. His life has been marked by a series of heart-wrenching losses – three sons, a daughter-in-law, an employee, and four dear friends, each leaving an indelible impact.

This book takes you on an intimate exploration of mourning, coping with loss, and the challenging path toward overcoming the accompanying depression and anger. Through his story, Fran opens his heart, sharing his darkest and most uplifting moments, offering a narrative rich in emotional resilience.

Key Features of the Book

  • Emotional Resilience: Learn how Fran navigated the depths of sudden death, grief, and mourning.
  • Coping with Loss: Discover Fran’s journey of overcoming depression and dealing with the sadness and tragedy that life can bring.
  • Inspirational Stories of Loss: Be inspired by Fran’s stories, which are filled with lessons on surviving tragedy and turning personal tragedies into triumphs.
  • Healing from Grief: Gain insights into Fran’s healing process and how he found light in the fog of despair.

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About the Author

Francis Figley, born in 1936 in East Palestine, OH, stands as a living testament to the profound strength that can emerge from confronting the depths of sorrow. His journey has been marked by staggering losses, all on differing occasions, including the passing of three sons in one decade, four of his closest friends in another decade, his daughter-in-law, and a valued employee. These events tested his fortitude, yet Fran’s response was one of remarkable resilience and a deepened appreciation for the interconnectedness of life.

From his early years, growing up with two brothers and two sisters, he learned early lessons of love and family that influenced the groundwork for his life as a father to eleven children.

Fran founded Unity Development, a family-owned business that achieved a world record in Auger Boring in 1995. This accomplishment reflects his steadfast dedication and business savvy. Even in his later he continued to work until age 85, demonstrating his unwavering determination and emotional resilience.

Fran’s influence leaves an indelible mark on over 70 grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Fran Figley’s story intertwines themes of sudden death, tragedy, and sadness with those of healing from grief, bereavement support, and inspirational stories of loss. His life is a profound narrative of enduring strength and the triumph of the human spirit over the most challenging circumstances.

Fran Figley

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